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Alignment of abrasives

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The surface of abrasives before work is recommended to "cheer up" for the best work.

In the process of sharpening, any abrasive, sooner or later, must be leveled, since the quality of sharpening depends on the flat plane of the bar.

In both the first and second cases, we recommend leveling and revitalizing the abrasive with silicon carbide powder with the addition of soapy water. Work is carried out on glass, or any other even, hard, flat surface.

For this:

- with a marker we draw a grid on the surface of the stone in order to follow the work

- pour a small amount of powder on a flat surface, add a little soapy water and “draw a figure eight” movements, thus leveling or invigorating the stone.

- the grain of the lapping powder is used twice as large as the grain size of the stone (for example, stone f150 is leveled with f80 powder),

- at the end, do not forget to chamfer.