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Every house has knives, scissors, axes and other cutting tools. Knives can be kitchen, hunting, Japanese, folding, camping, pocket, etc.
Depending on the purpose, tools are made of different steels:
- stainless steel - which contains at least 13% chromium and other components that improve the operation of the knife. For example, steels VG-10, M390, AISI 420, 400, MoV, AUS-8, 154CM, Sandvik, CTS, etc.
- carbon steel is a very strong metal that is susceptible to corrosion, but sharpens well and keeps its sharpness for a long time. For example, 1095
- tool steel - characterized by high hardness and is used in the manufacture of cutting tools. For example, steel D2, X12MF, 95X18, 65X15, O1, CPM, M4 and others

Regardless of the steel of the knife or other tool, sooner or later, it needs to be sharpened.
In our KosiM online store, different sharpening kits are presented, which will allow each of our customers to make the best choice.
You can buy a sharpener separately, with additional accessories for knife sharpeners, buy spare parts for a knife sharpener, buy stones for a knife sharpener on your own, or buy a ready-made set of sharpening stones.